Very flexible services that adapt to the particular needs of each of our clients.

The services that Cuidasana offers include care for the elderly in-home, in hospitals or in residences and in-home child care, in addition to other more specific services such as treatments and health care provided by professionals qualified in Physiotherapy or Nursing.


Elderly care

Taking care of the elder members of our society requires the strictest sense of responsibility, respect and professionalism. We accompany our elderly clients in their day-to-day life, in their familiar environment, allowing them to maintain their normal lifestlye and social relations.


Child care

We provide attention and care to the youngest members of the family as if they were our own. WE HELP YOU to reconcile family life with working life, so that you can dedicate more time to your family while we take care of the rest.


Other services

We offer an in-home physiotherapy service for those who have mobility problems or difficulty attending a clinic. We also offer reliable, professional babysitter services.


Accompaniment in hospitals

We offer assistance during a patient´s stay in hospital, or at home, be it during daytime, nightime or week-ends, ensuring that the patient recieves the best possible care throughout his stay.

Service of accompaniment to patients:

We offer assistance during a patient´s stay in hospital or at home, be it during daytime, nightime or week-ends. If required, we can also arrange  live-in care, or regular in-home care up to 24 hours a day.